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Quick Teatime Scoop: Thanet Homes' Value Might Surprise You!
Enjoy your tea with a side of insight! Cooke & Co's brief on Thanet's property market trends reveals the potential of homes in Ramsgate, Broadstairs, and Margate. Opt for an in-person valuation or get an estimate online today.
14/03/2024 604
Margate Market Mastery: Price Right In 2024 For Estate Agency Success!
Christmas 2023 is over so its now onto the serious task of discusing your property sale in 2024. In this comprehensive article, we explore the dynamic property market in Thanet, offering in-depth analysis of current trends, price movements, and future predictions. Our expert insights delve into the unique aspects of Thanet's real estate landscape, highlighting opportunities for buyers, sellers, and investors. Discover the factors driving the local market and how they compare with national trends. For more detailed information and expert analysis, read more below.
28/12/2023 1382
Why A Local Thanet Estate Agent Could Add Value To Your Home
In this week’s sales article, we explore how agents with local knowledge could help sellers get the most for their property.
15/07/2023 1765
Is Your Thanet Property Sale Being Hampered By An Overvaluation?
When you’re selling a property, getting a valuation is the first step. You need to know what a home is worth before you can plan your next move, but what if the value you’re given is completely inaccurate?
16/05/2023 1721
Reasons To Be Cheerful For Home Sellers In Thanet
In this two-minute read, we share how homeowners thinking of selling can avoid feeling down in the dumps on the year’s most depressing day.
13/01/2022 1237
How To Tell If A Valuation For Your Thanet Property Is Genuine
In this three-minute read, we look at how to gauge if an agent is giving you an honest property valuation.
24/11/2021 1618