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Why Thanet's Buy-To-Let Market Is Booming: A Landlord's Inside Perspective
Discover the latest trends in Thanet's buy-to-let property market, where strong demand and balanced supply create lucrative opportunities for landlords. Learn why Thanet remains a top investment choice in the South East.
30/05/2024 258
Unlock Seaside Living Secrets With Cooke & Co: Thanet's Property Pioneers!
In our latest teatime short rear and stat fest . Embark on a seaside living adventure with Cooke & Co, the heart of property expertise in Thanet and the South East for 30+ years. Discover the allure of coastal homes, where the charm of Thanet blends with competitive rents, offering an idyllic escape from the city's hustle
25/03/2024 501
Thanet's Rental Reckoning: Tracking Changes In Margate, Broadstairs, And Ramsgate
Delve into this quick tea break read to uncover the recent shifts in Thanet's rental market across Margate, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate. Contact Cooke & Co for more insights
04/03/2024 661
Is Your Thanet Rental Being Used For Criminal Activity? Here Are The Signs
This week’s lettings article looks at how to recognise the signs your rental is being used for illegal activity.
19/10/2023 1071
Is Buy-To-Let In Thanet Ethical?
Dive into our comprehensive article exploring the complexities and ethical dimensions of Thanets’s housing market. This piece examines the generational economic imbalances, the rise of private renting, and the controversial role of buy-to-let landlords, providing a nuanced view of the challenges and potential solutions. Are Thanet landlords providing an essential service or exacerbating a housing crisis? Make up your own mind by reading the full article below:
02/09/2023 1173
Renting A Property In Thanet? Find Out How To Get Your Repairs Sorted
In this week’s lettings article, we look at how tenants should approach repairs and maintenance issues in their property.
03/07/2023 1228
7 Top Tips For Buy-To-Let In Thanet
If you're considering investing in buy-to-let property in Thanet, it's important to understand the Thanet property market and know what to look for in a potential investment. Find our more in this short read.
10/04/2023 2044
How To Attract Gen Z Tenants To Your Thanet Property
They’re young, they’re moving out of their parents’ homes, and they could be your next tenants. We’re talking about Generation Z, the workforce of the future and a generation that’s ready to pay rent.
25/09/2022 1338
Not Bothered About Tenant Reference Checks? Think Again
Here are some common mistakes landlords make when it comes to referencing.
04/09/2022 1494