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5 Essential Tips For Thanet Landlords To Manage Garden Problems And Boost Property Appeal
Discover five essential strategies for Thanet landlords to manage garden-related issues and enhance rental property appeal. Learn how to simplify garden designs, set clear maintenance responsibilities, and maintain beautiful gardens to attract and retain tenants.
31/05/2024 251
A Thanet Landlord’S Guide To Finding Tradespeople You Can Trust
This week’s lettings article offers landlords tips on finding tradespeople they can trust.
03/10/2023 1610
Got A Thanet Rental Property? You Need A Trusted Tradesperson
If you’re a seasoned landlord, chances are you’ve experienced at least one out-of-hours call from a panicked tenant about a leaky toilet or boiler breakdown. Why is it these things never seem to happen at a reasonable hour? In this quick read, we look at some questions to ask yourself (and your contractor) to ensure they’re right for the job.
12/01/2023 1176