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Maximise Your Thanet Home's Potential: Transformative Garage Conversions Unveiled
In this short read we look at garage conversions - An intelligent choice for amplifying your living area and boosting property value. As leading estate agents in Thanet, we're here to guide you through the transformative process, offering valuable insights that could sway your decision between converting your garage or moving home.
25/10/2023 1114
Is Your Thanet Home A DIY Disaster? Get Help Here
In this week’s community article, we’ve done a roundup of some of the best DIY tutorials, blogs, and social accounts online.
07/07/2023 2002
How To Give Your Thanet Bathroom A Cheap Makeover Before Viewings
If a kitchen is the heart of a home, then the bathroom is the brain. It’s where you get a few minutes of privacy every day (unless you’ve got toddlers who like to come in with you). It’s where you do some of your deepest thinking, and it’s an area that could make or break a potential sale. In this quick read, we look at some ways to spruce up your loo without spending loads of money.
21/04/2023 2108
How To Ace DIY At Your Thanet Home
Will your next home improvement project end in success or a desperate call to the DIY SOS team? Here are five tips to avoid bungling the job.
25/10/2022 1755
The Décor That Could Bump Up The Price Of Your Thanet Home By £10K
This two-minute read explains how to nail the must-have looks that could push up the price of your home.
02/07/2022 2106
Three Dud Tiktok Hacks Thanet Homeowners Should Ignore
The DIY hacks you see on TikTok may be entertaining to watch, but they can also be dumb and even downright dangerous. A three-minute read.
23/06/2022 1628
DIY Kitchen Hacks For Thanet Homeowners
Discover how to make your kitchen look fresh and modern without spending a fortune in this two-minute read.
10/06/2022 1457
Four Things To Consider When Buying A ‘Doer-Upper’ In Thanet, Kent.
When searching for a new home, do you scroll past properties that look a little worse for wear? You know the ones, where the carpet hasn’t been changed since the 70s and the floral wallpaper is curling off the walls? Lots of buyers look for newly renovated or new-build homes due to fear of the doer-upper. If that sounds like you, we’re here to tell you that you’re potentially missing out. Older, unloved properties may look scary, but they’re often hiding bags of potential.
19/05/2022 1506