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Can Cooke & Co Resist Chocolate For March? Join Our Dechox Journey!
In our latest community article, released on the unique date of 29th February, Cooke & Co takes on the Dechox challenge! Discover how we're swapping chocolate for seaside walks and Margate Rock this Easter season
29/02/2024 816
Five Facts Chocoholics In Thanet Need To Know
Once you’ve read these five facts, you won’t feel quite so guilty about indulging in chocolate again. A two-minute read.
14/10/2022 1580
Why Do We Give Chocolate Eggs At Easter?
Hold on to your waistbands, Easter is here. That festival where no matter your age, clothes size, or BMI, you’re allowed to eat as much chocolate as you want. So, while the kids run around on a sugar high and you polish off yet another egg, here are some facts about the chocolatey goodness no one can resist.
17/04/2022 1265