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Revealed: The Fastest Selling Seaside Spots In Thanet! 🌊🏠
Discover how quickly homes sell in Margate, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate with our insider guide. With 30+ years as Thanet property experts, Cooke & Co unveils the best spots for fast property sales, just 70 miles from London
15/05/2024 164
Thanet's Unprecedented £5.08 Billion Legacy: Navigating Through The Generational Wealth Maze
As spring 2024 unfolds, Thanet faces a £5.08 billion Baby Boomer inheritance. But with Gen X and Millennials at the crossroads, can this windfall address their housing and retirement dreams amidst rising healthcare costs?
04/04/2024 513
Join The Fight Against Food Waste: Top Tips For Thanet Households
As Food Waste Action Week approaches, Thanet households have a golden opportunity to lead the way in sustainability. Discover seven essential tips to dramatically reduce food wastage, save money, and protect our planet—one meal at a time
18/03/2024 463
The Emergence Of Accidental Thanet Landlords In A Slowing Housing Market
A Thanet landlord remarked to me the other day that he felt that there were more 'posher' up-market properties coming up for rent in the last six months compared to a couple of years ago. I stated that this was the case, and it wasn't all down to the recent rental growth – it was the growth of the upmarket 'accidental landlord'. Find out more in my latest article.
24/08/2023 1587