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2024 Thanet Buy-To-Let Forecast: Surprising Trends & Predictions Revealed!
Dive into the future of Thanet's Buy-to-Let sector with our comprehensive 2024 forecast! This year brings fresh opportunities and challenges for landlords, and we're here to unpack it all.
27/12/2023 1110
Thanet Home Makeover 2024: Achieve Your Dream Home Goals! 🏡✨
🌟 New Year, New Home: In our latest quick read, Discover how to set achievable property goals in Thanet for 2024! From upsizing to downsizing, get expert tips to make your dream home a reality. Click here for further details and start planning your property journey with Cooke & Co.
25/12/2023 992
Is It Worth Being A Thanet Landlord In 2023?
It’s safe to say, 2022 has been a year full of change for landlords. The last 12 months have seen more buy-to-let landlords selling up than ever before despite the demand for rental properties surging. In this quick read, we look at some areas that could influence landlords’ profits and portfolios.
26/12/2022 1664
How Will Thanet Homes Look In 2050?
Star Trek fans, look away now. “It’s a home, Jim, but not as we know it.” The original phrase (we’ve replaced life with a home) didn’t even feature in the popular sci-fi show, apparently, but we’re digressing. If you’re interested in what life will be like in the homes of 2050, keep reading.
28/01/2022 1978