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Why Thanet's Buy-To-Let Market Is Booming: A Landlord's Inside Perspective
Discover the latest trends in Thanet's buy-to-let property market, where strong demand and balanced supply create lucrative opportunities for landlords. Learn why Thanet remains a top investment choice in the South East.
30/05/2024 239
Helping You Navigate Suddenly Inherited A Tenanted Property In Thanet
Inheriting a tenanted property in Thanet opens a realm of possibilities. From continuing as a landlord to selling for profit, understand your options and the implications of each choice. Cooke & Co's expert insights ensure you're well-equipped for the journey ahead.
25/03/2024 652
What Thanet Couples Need To Know Before Moving In Together
Our latest lettings article looks at what couples need to know before moving into a rental property together. Valentine's day is great and romance is blossoming but here's some advice that helps make things smoother for everyone, now and in the future.
12/02/2024 744
A Decade Of Transformation: Thanet's Rental Market Evolution
A quick read short article to highlight the transformation in Thanets rental market over the last 10 years
17/01/2024 734
2024 Thanet Buy-To-Let Forecast: Surprising Trends & Predictions Revealed!
Dive into the future of Thanet's Buy-to-Let sector with our comprehensive 2024 forecast! This year brings fresh opportunities and challenges for landlords, and we're here to unpack it all.
27/12/2023 1193
Landlord Lifesavers: 5 Key Strategies For Thanet Rentals In 2024 🏠🔑
Revolutionise your rental management in 2024 with our top five landlord tips! 🏠 Discover how to enhance efficiency and profitability in your Thanet properties. Click here for further details and expert guidance from Cooke & Co
26/12/2023 1097
Thanet Landlords: Assembling Your Ultimate Emergency Kit For Rental Peace Of Mind
In our latest Cooke & Co lettings article, we explore the indispensable components of a 'Landlord Emergency Kit', a crucial tool for handling unexpected situations in rental properties. Discover the essential items every Thanet landlord should have on hand to ensure smooth property management, especially during peak times like Christmas. Read on to delve into our expert recommendations by clicking the link below.
24/12/2023 1136
How To Have A Happy Thanet House Share
In this week’s lettings article, we look at ways tenants can have a happy house share by sticking to some basic rules.
24/11/2023 1056
The Simple Way To Help Safeguard Your Thanet Property From Fraudsters
Our latest lettings piece explains why landlords should sign up to the Land Registry’s property alert service.
23/11/2023 1160
Understanding Rental Yields In Thanet: A Deep Dive Into Broadstairs, Margate, And Ramsgate
In our latest set of landlord statistics and heatmaps we take a dive into the world of rental yields
20/11/2023 1450