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Uncovered: The Secret To Ethical Home Selling In Thanet!
Discover why Cooke & Co is revolutionising Thanet's real estate scene! With unmatched ethical standards and a commitment to transparency, find out how they're setting a new benchmark for integrity in property transactions.
27/03/2024 487
Unlock Spring Success: Sell Your Thanet Home Swiftly With Expert Tips
Embrace the vibrant spring season in Thanet to expedite your property sale. Discover how the rejuvenating energy of March to May provides the ideal backdrop for presenting your home at its best, ensuring a swift and successful market entry. Dive into our top six tips for a seamless sale.
24/03/2024 466
Thanet Home Makeover 2024: Achieve Your Dream Home Goals! 🏡✨
🌟 New Year, New Home: In our latest quick read, Discover how to set achievable property goals in Thanet for 2024! From upsizing to downsizing, get expert tips to make your dream home a reality. Click here for further details and start planning your property journey with Cooke & Co.
25/12/2023 983
The Fuss-Free Guide To Finding Your Dream Home In Thanet
This weeks sales article gives tips on how buyers can fine-tune and fast-track their property search.
10/10/2023 1191
Estate Agent Costs In Thanet : Fixed Fees Vs Commission
So, you’re selling up and don’t know whether to instruct a traditional estate agent or a DIY fixed-fee agency. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both options.
07/04/2023 1996
How To Find The Best Buyer For Your Thanet Home
Accept an offer from a fast-talker or a faffer, and your hopes for a speedy property deal could be scuppered. Here’s how to choose the right buyer.
19/01/2023 1823