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Shocking Confessions: The Epic Fails Of TV's Property Titans Unveiled!
Unearth the jaw-dropping blunders of TV's most adored property moguls! From Phil Spencer's overconfidence to Sarah Beeny's DIY disaster, discover how even the elites falter in the property game
27/02/2024 724
Why We Can’T Get Enough Of Property Shows In Thanet.
Hands up if you’ve ever lost a couple of hours sitting on the sofa watching a property show? Whether it’s a 30-minute fix or a full-on binge, programmes about other people’s homes are fascinating. Entire cable channels are dedicated to home renovations, property sales, flipping houses and so on. We just can’t seem to get enough of them. In this quick read, we look at some firm favourites and why they’re so good.
18/07/2022 1223